Thursday, October 13, 2011

Autumn Flannel and Spider Webs

Autumn! My favorite time of year. Of course, October is My Birthday Month. September is Our Anniversary Month and November is a Month of Gratitude.

The horses are getting fuzzy and wooly. Deer are settling into the pastures and sharing the grass with their horse pals. Even a black bear has been sighted in the woods. (Or was that the neighbor's black lab?)

The daytime sun is warm and the air is crisp. Honey crisp—just like the apples. At night, the open window in the bedroom lets in the fall wind. My face gets cold, but I'm warm underneath layers of flannel and heavy quilts.

Walking with Rusty, the good collie, leaves crunch under our feet, apples and pears litter the ground and spider webs glisten in the sunlight. In fact, I walk through so many webs that I don't need to use hairspray—the webs keep my curly hair in place.

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