Friday, April 6, 2012

Best Friends

I am participating in a photo-a-day creative using Instagram. It's a great project through  Fat Mum Slim. The prompt a couple of days ago was to photograph "someone who makes you happy".   Since Kevin makes me happy and we've been married forever, I took his picture while he was having lunch and feeding Rusty from the table. (OK, that part doesn't make me so happy.)

I like how Rusty is looking my way with his sweet, innocent expression, like 
"What? I'm just sitting here minding my own business. Is it my fault that food flies off his plate? I don't think so."

Kevin is a big popcorn eater. He has popcorn about 5 times a week. And he shares it with the dogs! JoJo and seven would sit next to him as he scooped popcorn out of the big bowl onto the floor for them. (OK, that didn't make me so happy, either.) So then, he started to serve them popcorn on their OWN PLATES! Of course, the dogs were in 7th Heaven. What a deeelicious, buttery, salty snack that's not dog food. People food on our very own plates! 
Every time I took Jo and sevi to the vet, I got the lecture: dogs are fat. And every time I would tell the vet that she was preaching to the choir. The only way the dogs were going to get back into shape was if I filed for divorce and got custody of their meals. I forced him to stop giving popcorn to Rusty when the poor Collie ended up with bloody diarrhea! (UN-happy!) At least that got Kevin's attention. 

Finally! The Popcorn Problem is solved. Yesterday, while eating popcorn and not sharing, Kevin bit down on a very strong kernel and cracked a tooth! Today, the molar was extracted!!!!! HolyOhMuckyEye! That's IT. I am tempted to toss the Turbo-blaster popper off the deck.*  The tooth was cracked all the way down to the roots and was not repairable. 

Kevin is feeling fine. He shared his soft dinner of mashed potatoes with Rusty. Actually just let him lick the plate. Change takes time around here. But, I don't think we'll be hearing the pop-pop-popping of corn for a very very long time. Not too happy that Kevin was injured by a snack item. Very happy that he'll be OK.

*This is a whole other story. We (the boys) throw broken appliances off the deck and bash them with bats & golf clubs...

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