Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We're walking and we're walking.

Last week in our journey with Julia Cameron’s “Walking in this World” we considered our identity—discovering a sense of proportion. I have always been an artist, but sometimes I don’t get the positive feedback or encouragement I require to stick to it, to stay on the path. I figured out that I am a Dreamer. Now what do I do with that information?
Hmmm. I’m a pretty good story teller. Let’s give that a try. 
I keep a journal of all my adventures with my fabulous Appaloosa, Chance. I tell stories of our trail rides, medical issues, games we play and the funny things ChanciePoo does. I rode with a group of woman that I called The Yee-Haw Sisters. We had riding adventures, dinners and homemade concoctions and beverages. Tears and fears were shared and so was a ton of fun. Good friends in support of each other.  The Yee-Haws were the main beneficiaries of the stories.
I would send out an eMail and they would all reply: “Jeannie! What a great story. You should write!” 
And I would think that was a good idea. And then I wouldn’t do anything.
Then, I thought about illustrating children’s picture books. As I thought about the illustrations, the picture book became more of a storybook. All these wonderful tales and stories would just pop out of my brain and onto the page.
Hmmm. This is fun. Maybe I should write.
I wrote a letter to the editor of Montana Quarterly magazine. My sister, Ellie in Missoula heard about it from a friend in Colorado. He had read the letter and commented on how much he liked my style. I don’t think he realized we are sisters, but figured it out through some of the details I had included. 
Hmmm. Writing, heh?
On a more serious note, I wrote to our state legislature about the economy and the state’s budget. No need to go into detail of the angst swirling around with the economy. We’re all feeling it. But this was a more personal letter. Our legislator wrote back. Basically, she liked my ideas and would see about crafting a bill according to the thoughts I had written. 
Hmmm. I guess I can express myself through the written word. Maybe I should write. 
Recently, I posted a photo on a community newsletter site. I wrote a small paragraph to go along with it. Basically, I wrote about an unlikely sign that was posted at the State Park. 
“Tsunami Warning—Stay off the Beach”
Who would’ve thought that we would ever need such a sign in our little corner of the Pacific Northwest? The publisher of the newsletter thanked me and asked me to contribute anytime, as much as I wanted. 
Hmmm. Writing? Maybe I should! 
I always preach about listening to one’s heart, to the small still voice. Why haven’t I been listening? I enjoy writing! I love telling stories! Do I have to get swept up in a tsunami to pay attention? Apparently I do.
But, I am writing now.
I’m writing this blog. I am writing a story. I am writing articles, emails, newsletters, letters to the editor and even sending handwritten letters to family and friends. I am writing Morning Pages, noon pages and evening pages. Easy as pie. And I'm comfortable, confident and energized.
Hmmm... what took me so long?


  1. I feel the same way. Writing and telling stories is something that I love to do. Recently, I just started blogging again (which is how I came to partipate in the Journaling Saves project) to write for the sake of writing. Now it seems that all I want to do is write! Looking forward to hearing more of your stories.

  2. You have always created, you have always fear or not, spread your wings & took your leap of faith. I have witnessed the fabulous splash you've made in this crazy world of ours. Don't worry about the details of what you want to write about, JUST I IT. Your inner voice has never let you down, follow her. You ARE a wonderful writer, story teller, artist, it's time to combine them all into your own style of creation. Who cares if it makes a world wide splash, it WILL in your world & that's what counts, YOU count, JUST DO IT, you will be pleasantly surprised, I just know it. Always in your courner.